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The Chef’s Garden at Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery. Kevin Trowbridge photo

The food hall trend is a new-old concept that has taken off in recent years and has finally landed in Kelowna, specifically at Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery.

This summer the winery, under the leadership of executive winery chef Jeremy Luypen, is launching the Canadiana Small Plates Food Hall. As winery owner Stephen Cipes says, “We are launching authentic, ethnic, organic, wine-paired small plates for those on the move or for order-to-go with quick service. This complements our fabulous casual-gourmet, organic, 200-seat restaurant.”

The family-friendly Summerhill food hall will feature a picnic area with a view, where guests can enjoy dishes that reflect the heritage of Canadians, including the culinary traditions of First Nations, German, Syrian, Polish, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and other nationalities.

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