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Cardboardeaux? Mais non. The once mocked and reviled boxed wine is finally getting its day in the sun, or at least at your next backyard party.

So-called “cask wines” have come a long way since they were introduced in the 1960s. Although they rarely hold the finest vintages, the three- or four-litre boxes often boast perfectly drinkable wines. They are also convenient, produce less waste than bottles, take up less space in your fridge or on your counter, and they are fantastic value. Oh—and you don’t need a corkscrew to get at your Cabernet.

More and more boxed wines are entering the B.C. market all the time. Sales are soaring; reports suggest they’ve increased by 45 per cent over the last five years in B.C. The quality’s getting better all the time, too, with prestigious labels entering the box zone and even local wineries such as Naramata’s Monster Vineyards offering boxed wines.

And if boxed wine isn’t your thing, perhaps tetra paks or canned wines are. These are handy for camping or weekends at the cabin, and although they haven’t taken our market by storm the way they have in, say, Australia or even Alberta, we can expect to see more here soon, too.

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