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On the cover: Pinot Noir grapes from Backyard Vineyards in Langley, B.C. Dan Toulgoet photo

Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Vitis, the magazine of British Columbia’s wine culture.

We love fall, with its cool days, bold flavours and festive events that have us gathering around the table and raising a glass (or two) of wine. But this is not just a time of celebration; it’s also a time for reflection. Lately, what we’re thinking about is the state of the environment, an issue that directly affects the world of wine and everyone in it.

That’s why, in this issue of Vitis, our writers are looking into some of the big issues surrounding sustainability in wine country. Charlene Rooke delves into the organic movement sweeping across the province. Tim Pawsey asks why we have no sustainable certification—yet. Cinda Chavich checks out climate research on Vancouver Island. And Barb Wild samples vegan wines and defines biodymanics.

Meanwhile, on the lighter side of wine culture, we go deep into one of B.C.’s most remarkable wine cellars, explore wine regions old and new, and savour what’s cooking at Home Block, the Okanagan’s most exciting new restaurant.

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Joanne Sasvari

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