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Silly rabbit, Easter candies aren’t just for kids. Plenty of adults love to nibble on Mini Eggs or take down a packet of Peeps. But what about when you want a grown-up glass of wine to go along with your Easter treats? What the heck should you be drinking with your chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs?

We turned to local wine expert Sam Hauck, aka Sam the Wine Teacher, to teach us a thing or two about what local wines go great with some of Canada’s most popular Easter candies.

Here’s what Hauck has to say:

Full disclosure: I am not a person who looks for sweets when enjoying a glass of wine. I am more apt to look for something savoury, however I know many people who are, so I did consult with a few friends and colleagues to learn about their preferences. For some, it was as simple as, “If it is red, it is right.” Another response was: “What? You haven’t enjoyed wine with candy? OMG! That’s sacrilege!” Clearly, I’ve been missing out.

So, I come to this task with a lot of thought. One of the basic tenets of pairing wine and food is that you can look for complimentary matches or you can contrast. And the same should apply to tasty treats, so just in case the Easter Bunny accidentally forgot to hide ALL the goodies, I’ll try to give you a couple of suggestions for each treat. And remember, wines can be red, white, or rosé and still or sparkling. Okay? There is more than just ‘red’ out there, trust me on this.

Crème Eggs

Chocolate on the outside and a rich creamy centre. For this one, we need something big and creamy or something sweet. Try TIME Chardonnay or Narrative Fortified.

Candy-coated Mini Eggs

I admit it, these little treats are pretty darned tasty. Based on some expert advice, I tried these with some Pinot Noir and it worked very well. Give Blue Grouse Quill Pinot Noir a try.


These animal-shaped marshmallow candies would go nicely with a softer, fruitier, easy-drinking wine such as Effervescent from Evolve. Gotta have red? Then it’s gotta be Evolve Shiraz.

Peanut Butter Eggs

My personal favourite and one that perhaps offers a wide range of possibilities. First thought is a fortified after dinner wine Blue Grouse Black Muscat Fortified. I am also a big chardonnay fan, so if you are like me then McWatters Chardonnay would fit the bill for a white. The oaky, buttery quality will complement the peanut butter while the acidity is going to provide a nice contrast to the creamy chocolate. Only want red? Then try Tomassi Valpolicella.

Sparkling wine. photo

Milk chocolate bunny

A crisp sparkler such as Sorelle Bronca Prosecco will provide the right contrast.

Jelly Beans

For this last selection, I went with the recommendation from a confirmed candy and wine aficionado. Singletree Sauvignon Blanc to match some of the tart lemon, lime and orange jellies. Also, their Victory, a delicious sparkling Siegerebbe would hit the mark.

And as many would rightfully argue, when in doubt, always go with a sparkling wine. You can get so many great B.C. bubbles. Look for Blue Grouse, Evolve, Haywire, and Singletree for some great examples. The acidity will contrast the sweetness of the candy and the bubbles will help cleanse the palate.

Confession time. As I mentioned at the beginning, sweets with wine is something I haven’t previously explored. However, conducting this bit of research, I have enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thanks to my many wine and candy friends, my eyes have been opened.

—by Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver is Awesome

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