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Photo courtesy of Elsa MacDonald.

In August, Canada added another Master of Wine to the join the likes of B.C.’s Rhys Pender and Barbara Philip: Elsa Macdonald, the Ontario-based director of wine education at Arterra Wines Canada and member of the national board of directors for the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.

Macdonald is one of 10 new MWs certified this year by the Institute of Masters of Wine, bringing the global total to 380 talented palates based in 30 countries.

The 2018 additions are: Almudena Alberca MW (Spain), Barbara Drew MW (UK), Olga Karapanou Crawford MW (USA), Regine Lee MW (UK), Elsa Macdonald (Canada), Thomas Parker MW (UK), Lindsay Pomeroy MW (USA), Nicolas Quillé MW (USA), Job de Swart MW (Netherlands) and Tim Triptree MW (UK).

Becoming a Master of Wine involves understanding all aspects of wine and passing one of the most rigorous examinations in any field. It comprises intensive theory and practical examinations, as well as the submission of a final research paper.

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