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We love touring the Naramata Bench, but we don’t always love driving from winery to winery along that winding road. And cycling can get a bit wobbly after a few samples. So we were thrilled to see a new hop-on-hop-off tour planned for the bench—and even more excited to discover that it involves a vintage-style trolley bus.

The Grape Savvy Trolley Co. is set to start rolling from Penticton to Naramata this May, stopping at wineries along the way. It’s the latest venture from Savannah Swaisland, who has been running Grape Savvy Wine Tours for the past four seasons.

She has purchased two vehicles from the Vancouver Trolley Company. They will get a stylish refresh with new branding and are expected to hit the road by May 1. Each holds 35 passengers (with room under the seats for wine purchases) and will run on a loop, stopping at all the privately owned wineries along the way for people to hop on and hop off all day.

A full-day ticket costs only $39 and can be ordered through an online app, which will also show where the trolley is on the route, as well as how many seats are left on the bus. Plans are for the trolleys to run seven days a week, from around 10:45 a.m. until after 5 p.m., until Oct. 31.

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